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Hello, all. This will currently be my last entry to this LJ and I thought of leaving you some useful information.

First of all, I have a new journal at the Dreamwidth. You can reach me there if you have a question or something.

Since the WMTDB seems to be permanently down, I will be slowly uploading my fics to my new journal. My pen name at the WMTDB was NicksAngel.

So bye and see you around in the new place.

Being sick and hating every moment of it!

Hi, everyone! I know that many has been waiting for the next chapter to my story "Familiar Stranger" at the WMTDB. I'm sorry for the long delay but I have been sick. I tried to write but couldn't. I just wanted to let all of you know, that I haven't abandoned the story. I will write down the chappy ASAP, meaning this week. I'll promise not to keep you waiting. I'm still sick but I will do what I can. I can't stand the thought of putting it off further. I maybe slow right now but I'm not dead, so bear with me, please.


I wish very happy and peaceful Christmas to all my friends, to everyone at the WMTDB, to shacky20 , evelmys , my_only_reason and to all my other LJ friends. May your holidays be full of joy.


To celebrate Christmas in a CSI style, I made a little something to all you Nick/Greg fans out there. Enjoy!


Then something funny I stumbled upon...

...and with that... PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE SANTA, I NEED A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh! Maybe he'll listen. Nah, not likely but I can always hope, can't I? I just wish that the old one keeps running, until I can get a new one. Right now it sounds like an old Volkswagen Beetle. Oh well, at least I've been good... I think. ;-)


The Christmas Nick icon is by me, so if you use it, please credit. :-)

Pretender Icons

I thought I'd share a couple of Pretender icons I have made. Please, do not alter them and credit if you use them. Thank you.

The Pretender:



Handcuff  icon by:  I have no idea but whose ever it is, thank you. I like it. :-)

New Nick/Greg fic...

Okay, the 'Male/Male Sex For  Dummies' is nearly ready.  In turn out to have four  chapters instead of three. I decided to post a little teaser but the whole story will be soon at the WMTDB under my pen name: NicksAngel. Alright, here it is. Just follow the link...

So, there it was. I'll try finish the last chapter, so I can get the whole story posted.

Yes, I'm still alive...

Yes, well... I know I haven't posted anything for awhile now. I've been so busy but that's not really a good excuse, now is it? No, I didn't think so. I also know that couple of my fics at the WMTDB needs to be updated and I'm on it, seriously. I'm currently writing the next part to my 'For Dummies' -series and it's nearly ready, so that is also coming soon.

Okay, so, last Friday we were celebrating the Midsummer Day. It was a beautiful day or more like the evening, actually. We went out to watch the bonfires and took Nicky with us. I thought that I would share a couple of pictures, in case someone would like to see what a Finnish bonfire looks like. I also had a some flower pictures on my computer, so I'm posting them too.

So, I hope you liked the pictures. I was thinking of posting pictures of my roses, once they start to
bloom. I have over seventy of them, which means that I just have to pick the best ones, don't I? Okay, that was it this time and I'll just go back to do some more writing. I hope that all of those who liked the first part from the 'For Dummies' -series, will like the second part too, which is called 'Male/Male Sex for Dummies'.

Icon by: I don't know whose. I lost the creators name but who ever it is... Thank you! I just love it, simply love it.

May. 2nd, 2007

Okay, while surfing in the net today, I stumbled upon something interesting. It's French forum for George Eads, at least I think it's French because of the language they use. Anyway, when I scrolled the page downwards, there was a picture of George in the black CSI work vest. Nothing strange in that. Yes, I agree but....

There's a quotation above the picture that goes like this: "I went out, but I went in the closet. I stayed in there for awhile, but eventually I had to come out.” 

Now, from what I could figure out, they are supposedly Eads' own words. Could someone who speaks French tell me what they are talking about in that forum and if they say, what Eads meant with those words? Damn, sometimes I regret that I decided not to study French in high school. :D

Here's the link if anyone is interested: Forum George Eads

Icon by: Don't know whose. Would love to credit if I did. :-)
Okay, just a small update. I wasn't able to finish the chapter 11 from "Collateral Damage" in Saturday, like I had promised to try. I'm sorry. Basically there are two reasons for this: One, the "love" scene between Nick and Greg is going to be longer than I first thought it would be and second, it's hard to write smut and get into the feeling, when your stomach feels like it's going to turn inside out. Damn, it's my own fault, I guess. I should have taken that flu shot, when it was offered. Stupid me! Anyway, I'll try to post the new chapter sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. Sorry again for the delay.

Icon by leathers
I just wanted to let everyone who are waiting for the next chapter of the "Collateral Damage" to know, that I'll do my best to post it at the WMTDB on Saturday, sooner if I can. I didn't mean it to take this long but I got hit by the stomach flu at Tuesday and I still feel like crap.
 At least I'm writing again as I am able to sit behind my computer. So, the chapter is coming, just bear with me.
This is a message for Squranicole, who left me a question into my mailbox. I tried to answer your e-mail but the delivery system bounced it back right away. Either your mailbox is full or there is some other problem. Please, let me know. I would like to answer your question.